Over the last few years, I’ve developed a series of acrylic paintings with a focus on the human body: ‘Women in Myth & Legend’, ‘UnCommon Man’ and ‘Energetic Universe’. Inspired by movement and the unseen energies that connect and sustain us, these paintings describe how I feel and see the world, and the lines and chaos of energy channels in our universe.

With spiraling gold lines indicating the flow of subtle energies, my work has been described in Tweed Magazine by Korina Miller. ‘Redwood’s paintings nearly vibrate with energy. It’s almost like watching a play rather than seeing a still canvas. Movement and force parade across the canvas in bold strokes while energy flows in ribbons of colour, connecting one person to the next and to the world around them.’

The energy meridians within the body, the pathways that keep us healthy: these flowing lines and the aura around a figure that some people see as colours are the underlying text to the paintings. We feel them but we cannot see them. In my paintings I look inside at these energetic forces as if we could see them with a different vision – one that reveals transparency, and a flow of energy.

Each line or brush stroke tells a story, and when I paint I’m aware that the energy behind a line can be felt and seen on the canvas. Where the lines of energy flow in a landscape or a human body, they give information to the eye which we interpret. If we could see energy between things, the relationship between the seer and the seen, then how different would our world look?

I explore the energetics of the universe in my paintings, and express some of these energies in line and colour. I work quickly and in short bursts, usually covering the whole canvas in one session, then layering colour to give depth and transparency. Every flow of energy changes the shape and density of an object, and I like to observe these flows.

My studio is in Xchanges Studios and Gallery in Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada. I often exhibit in the city, and have traveled and exhibited my paintings over the last twelve years in many different countries. If you would like to see my paintings in your area, send me a message from the Contact Page.

Many thanks!

Gillian Redwood, Victoria B.C.