Ocean – SOLD

42 x 45 inches

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On the island of Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands, many of the beaches are treacherous in the winter with surfing waves and a swell that doesn’t invite casual swimming. However after some terrifying descents down vertical mountain roads, we discovered a beach on the north shore where challenging rocks gave way to flat sand, and where the locals go to swim.

I was in heaven here, sitting on the sand with my sketchbook looking out over the ocean towards distant islands. This painting represents to me the quintessential ocean we all long for, and sometimes magically appears.

This painting is mid-size large, and easily fits on the wall. It is painted on flat canvas and Gallery-wrapped on a 1.5 inch stretcher so that the image covers all four stretcher sides. It can be taken off the stretcher and rolled for Shipping, re-stretched on Delivery.