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Olivi, The Goddess of Light, is standing in a shower of coloured rays descending from the heavens. More reflective than the Greek Goddess of Light, Artemis, she is the keeper of light and brings it down to earth to nourish and protect us.

The colours convey the warmth and creativity that emanates from her and from the pools of violet and red in which she stands. She brings down light from the heavens like a thousand stars.

Women of Myth and Legend

This Series of paintings is a celebration of all aspects of women and the female energy of the Universe.

I have given each of the women a Mythical name, in one or two cases it is the name of a traditionally recognized Goddess, and in some I have created a name especially for her.  I feel that modern society is short of the spiritual role model that is separate from, and not associated with, formal religion.

These myths, which used to be the foundation of our lives, have been overtaken by digital reality and the icons are now mortal and fallible, glitzy creatures of the media. When they fall from grace, our spiritual lives are depleted.

I invite you to view these new images in the spirit in which they were created: a celebration of a story that is our own.