A Winner!

17th October 2017

The winning ticket for the Prize Draw of a Free Archival Print was drawn on the last day of the show. The winner is Monica, from Oak Bay. She was delighted with the print and can be seen here in the Gallery.

Monica - Crop

New Pic. THE FERRY.72dpi

Exhibit at the Gage Gallery opens Tuesday, September 19th 2017.

‘THE FERRY’ is an exhibit of new paintings that document journeys by ferry through the Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands, and further south into distant communities.

Travel by ferry feels like a stress-free taxi ride into the heart of a different culture. In my signature painting American tourists sit at the back of the boat, blown by the wind and kissed by the sun. The locals stand at the front under a canopy. I notice the way they stand holding the canopy rail, silent and serious.

Other paintings in the exhibit display the shifting light and colours of the ocean. ‘Rocky Point’ shows a blitz of rough plants and rocky hollows that mark the meeting of land and water. ‘Vancouver Sands’ describes Kitsilano beach one late summer evening when the low sun caught figures drenched in light and blowing sands.

The Opening Reception is from 7pm-9pm on Thursday, September 21st at the Gage Gallery. 2031 Oak Bay Avenue, V8R 1E5. Everyone welcome. The exhibit continues Tuesday to Saturday 11am-5pm until October 7th.

Energy, Transparency & Movement

I explore the energetics of the universe in my paintings, and express some of these energies in line and colour. I work quickly and in short bursts, usually covering the whole canvas in one session, then layering colour to give depth and transparency. Every flow of energy changes the shape and density of an object, and I like to observe these flows.

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