6th January 2017

I have been researching my new series of Special Edition Prints. Each time a painting sells, I ask my Photographer friend Greg to create a series of High Resolution images. With an archive of these images I will be able to produce Prints of the painting on fine Art Paper and canvas. Up until now, I have not invested much time and energy in marketing prints. Sometimes I get an order for one or two, however my main focus has been on selling the original artwork. Things have changed. First of all, I realize that some collectors are delighted to receive a high quality reproduction of their favourite painting, printed on canvas and Gallery-wrapped on a purpose-built stretcher. With Greg’s technical skills I can now have the image created to “wrap around” the stretcher, in a similar way to the original painting. The result is beautiful, and I am able to sign these Special Edition Prints and provide a Certificate of Authentication.

My most recent Print was created to be the same size as the original canvas : 48 inches x 24 inches.

A less complex way to produce prints is via Saatchi Art website online. I have been selling artwork and prints with them now for a few years, and they offer a professional service to create, package and mail Prints. They also sell my original artwork and last Fall I managed to sell a painting twice! Fortunately they were sympathetic, and was able to offer the Collector a Print of the original painting.

The Prints available through Saatchi are standard sizes, and have either black or white around the sides of the stretcher. Some of my original paintings are also available on the site.

You can see my Saatchi Art page here:

Thank you!

5th December 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the two exhibits, and visit my Open Studio. I have had some wonderful feedback about both paintings. One friend has called them ‘The Flower Sisters’! As I normally don’t create many environmental paintings these days, these two were a little diversion into the natural world. I’m putting them up on the website today.

Energy, Transparency & Movement

I explore the energetics of the universe in my paintings, and express some of these energies in line and colour. I work quickly and in short bursts, usually covering the whole canvas in one session, then layering colour to give depth and transparency. Every flow of energy changes the shape and density of an object, and I like to observe these flows.

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