Leasing to Business

This week I made a presentation to the Orbus Business Network. I spoke about Leasing my paintings to businesses. I have recently been in touch with Todd Kergan who outlined the ways in which Leasing can benefit both the artist and the business owner.

This is how it works: I connect with a business owner who would like to have large artworks in his offices. He might want to create a dynamic workplace for the staff and/or create a pleasing environment for customers. Upon selecting one or a number of canvases for Lease, I put him/her in touch with the Leasing agent. After the formalities have been completed and a leasing period and terms agreed, the artist is paid the full amount for the painting/s by the Leasing organization and the paintings are delivered to the Business.

This arrangement follows the same principles as leasing office furniture or a Photocopier. It is listed for accounting purposes as a depreciating asset and business expense. At the end of the Leasing period the business owns the painting, and the business owner might even choose to take it home. If the artwork has appreciated in value due to the profile of the artist, then this is an added bonus.