Rocky Point.GillianRedwood.300dpi

Rocky Point


20 x 24 inches

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‘Rocky Point’ shows a blitz of rough plants and rocky hollows that mark the meeting of land and water. Landing on an island it is often possible to clamber along the shore and explore new places. Where the rocks meet the ocean is often a place of craggy granite, smoothed sometimes by ancient ice-age glaciers, or a tumble of rocks enclose a mini oasis of plants and tiny wild flowers.

Here the environment is raw and wild, swept by salt spray and the winds which whip around the coastline. On a clam warm day it is beautiful and peaceful, as in this painting. The gold lines indicate a slight movement of air and the perfume of dry grass and plants.

‘Rocky Point’ is 20 x 24 inches, acrylic on canvas on a 1.5 inch stretcher.